the artist

I was born in Barcelona in 1958. Ever since I was a kid I used to watch my father, landscape painter Oriol Martí, struggling with his canvasses and mixing up his colours. Whereas I can not claim having been a good student in my school days, I do recall, however, how much I enjoyed and excelled at manual arts, drawing and design. I do remember, as well, being at my military service and benefitting from “special treatment” in exchange for caricatures and drawings of my fellow draftees and other pictorial assignments from my superiors. Once this infertile period was over I entered Barcelona´s Escuela Masana (1983) taking studies on graphic design and drawing. My teacher, great drawing and painter artist Ramón Noé, enthusiastically encouraged me to go further and deeper into painting.

Once my studies were over I earned my living as a graphic designer and illustrator, a professional life which I alternated with my great passion, painting. In 1986 I was admitted to the studio of artists Boter and Santaló. By their hand I consolidated my academic formation and after going through an impressionist stage I finally came to embrace pure colours and freedom of expression. I have admired and will always admire the works of the past (Velazquez and Vermeer), but after discovering the pictorial energy of Van Gogh, and later the painting by the fauvists (Matisse, Derain) and that of the German expressionists (Macke, Kirchner, etc.) my passion for painting became a profession.

In 1987 I joined the Cercle Artistic de Sant Lluc, where I performed a wide number of outdoor as well as female nude studies. This exercise in drawing, to which I remain faithful, has rewarded me with self confidence and a great deal of material for my later studio works.

I am not about to bore you any longer with my biography, as I am not keen on curricula myself -most of the times fake, or annoyingly long and unsubstantial. But should you feel like taking a look at mine, just click here. It has always been my belief that it is not prizes or “openings” what is most valuable to an artist’s life, but his/her day to day toil, the coherence of their output, the good taste and quality of the work, and the strength they bring about to get into the inner realms of people. And all this “literature” around their work is, most of the times, needless. You might as well click comments if you feel like finding out some of my reflexions on art, but as a good Catalan artist of mine, Isidre Nonell, put it: “Jo pinto i prou” (I paint, and that’s just it).