the technique

The works included in my gallery have all been performed employing the “gouache” technique, sort of an opaque watercolour, which completely covers the surface of the painting, albeit it can also be used somehow diluted. As a rule I use it in its opaque formulation, the supporting medium usually being a paper or a 300 grams white Basik cardboard.The major advantage of the gouache lies in its high degree of chromatic quality, which helps create the strong contrast values that so much appeal to me. Its greater virtue resides in its quick drying properties, which allow for an effect of spontaneity notably close to that of the alla prima painting. While its colours are very stable, this by no means implies that the oeuvre should be exposed to direct sunlight, which would eventually result in the alteration and decay of its coloration.


Whereas gouache is applied on paper it must be protected with a glass windowpane frame to prevent it from being deteriorated by dust and filth. When purchased, works will be delivered to you enclosed in a white or natural passepartout, which lends an elegant highlighting to its colours. Once framed, you will appreciate that the pictures have attained an appearance of the highest quality.

As to frames, nothing too expensive or sophisticated will be necessary. With the aid of the passepartout even a very simple birch or beech wood will make for a stylish and refined picture.