"Arte de pequeño formato" ” is a gallery where I show my original works done in small format. My aim is to offer maximum quality at very affordable prices.

The works presented on this gallery are my own, and all small format. Should I have to place myself within a definite style or pictorial movement, I would call my work figurative –with a touch of abstraction, at times. Fauvism, German expressionism and, generally speaking, the 20th. Century’s first vanguards, do have -as you will easily notice- a decisive influence in my work. The themes are varied: landscapes, figures, portraits, still-lives, and so on. Despite the fact that the motive can be a source of inspiration for the artist, I have always believed however that, in a masterwork, beauty and harmony are of utmost importance when it comes to distributing shapes and colours on the surface of the picture.

Bear in mind that the making of a painting in small format does not discredit at all the work of art in itself. Both great artists of old as much as modern ones have conceded great artistic value to it and quite often above that of big format works. A work of art is not greater or smaller due to its dimensions, but due to its content. The greatest merit of these small paintings lie on the fact that they usually are the source of the idea, the creative drive for the painter, after which the big format, final work takes shape.This first creative urge holds the essence, the strength, the spontaneity surging from within, from the most spiritual confines of the artist; thus its freshness, its colour and strokes are unrepeatable and unique.

You are invited to visit my gallery, where, most certainly, you will find confirmation to all the virtues I have outlined in this statement.

You can also watch "Women's Faces" my videoclip dedicated to the many female portraits I have done.

Because art can be within everyone’s reach!

Guillermo Martí Ceballos

Artist painter